July 25, 2005

Due to complaints about spyware from readers who access this page using Windows 2000, I have removed the chatterbox from this blog. Why someone is still running Windows 2000 in the middle of the year 2005 baffles me. Hopefully, none of you guys out there are using 386's to read this page.

Our softball team played a doubleheader on Sunday. We went 1-0-1. I played in the first game with replacement players, which we won. According to our stats page, one of our replacement players, Dan, aka The Bastard, is leading our team in hitting.
Then our regular lineup returned in full strength for the second game and they somehow ended up in a tie. Against a bunch of 6th grade boys (Okay, just one, but they were mostly just high school kids. It's CCU's fault for sticking us in the weakest division.). I only pitched a little and set a record for most K's in an inning by a team pitcher. So technically, we're still undefeated, but the dream of the perfect season is gone.

I was impressed with one of the girls on the Cornerstone team. She plays for the Thurgood Marshall team, but in our game, she took a hard hit grounder off the chin and was almost decapitated by a smoking line drive. But in true baseball/softball spirit, she did not cry.

I watched The Natural today. Maybe I should make a Wonderboy bat for our team to use. Or I could just stop striking out my own teammates.

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