May 19, 2005

Movie ticket: $10 convience fee: $1
Tip for the guy on the street who risked his life to get us a parking spot: $1
Not having to wait in a line that went around three sides of the city block in the rain: priceless

I wasn't going to go it. But combine the facts that AMC Van Ness had 14 screens showing Star Wars at 12:01am and that I will be the only staff person in my department at work tomorrow (the rest of the staff went to a conference and I alone was left to man the fort, meaning I am my own boss and I decide when I go in), and the midnight show became a go.

I actually had brought my Obi-Wan lightsaber with me in the car. Not that I was a Star Wars freak, but it was to protect me from the crazed costumed die-hard fans. But then I realized those fools probably have built their own functional lightsaber and my little plastic toy would be rendered useless, so I left it in the car and just brought my 16 inch guns instead.

When Howard and I got down to Van Ness, we saw the line coming up O'Farrell, around everyone's favorite Polk St, and back up the alley toward Van Ness to the doors on the left side of the theater's front entrance. Being the geniuses we are, I just walked into the lobby through the doors on the right side and told the security guys we needed to pick up our tickets. He pointed us to the automated kiosks, we get our tickets and just headed into our theater. We still couldn't figure out why all those losers were standing out there in the rain. In any case, we got some pretty good seats for the show.

Major spoiler alert! Don't read this if you haven't seen it yet. ANNAKIN IS DARTH VADER!! AND HE'S LUKE SKYWALKER'S FATHER! AND JAR JAR BINKS COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET!

Time to go to sleep, since I have to wake up at the crack of noon to get to work tomorrow.

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