November 21, 2004

Cal is a big sports fan. But this weekend, Cal was mad at several sports.

I hate this league. I think the players are a bunch of selfish bastards (except for Steve Nash and Fred Hoiberg). I want Indiana players to be charged with assult for their actions in Detroit. In any other job where you get paid millions of dollars, if you go in to work and punch a client in the face, would your boss tell you to come back in 25 days? And the Warriors Suck (with a capital S).

I hate Kurt Busch. If people thought last year's champ Matt Kenseth was boring, wait till you see this guy. Jeff Gordon was robbed by the stupid new points system. He should be celebrating his 5th title right now. After 26 races Jeff Gordon, who lost the title by 16 points, was leading eventual second place finisher Jimmie Johnson by about 60 points and everyone else by well over 100. But the retards running NASCAR wanted a 'playoff' system like football and the other sports. Reminds me of how Israel kept asking God for a king so they could be like all the other nations in I Samuel.

I wish the millioniares and billioniares would settle their differences so we could hockey again.
I missed hockey so much that this weekend, I watched the last half hour of The Mighty Ducks 2 on tv. As I watched this movie, I noticed that Miracle (another hockey movie produced by Disney) stole some scenes from Ducks 2. The not working hard in a game so we're going to have a post game practice where we do sprints till we drop scene. And even the very dramatic (in Miracle) scene where the players say their names and what city they are from to bond as a team scene.
But even watching this movie got me irrated. This movie was also a shameless promo for the then-Disney owned Anaheim Ducks franchise. The US junior team traded in their USA uniforms for Mighty Ducks uniforms in the middle of the championiship game. Trading in the red, white, and blue while playing in an international tournament! The editing was also poorly done. A player on the ice would get an assist for a goal, then half a second later in the very next shot, the SAME PLAYER would be on the bench with his helmet off cheering for his teammate who just scored from a pass which HE made. In any case, the classic Sharks games on FSN aren't cutting it.

The NFL has done a great job selling its product, but I think it is trying too hard to draw non-football fans in. Just show the games, and people will watch. We don't need rock stars doing halftime or pregame concerts, and we don't need movie stars making promos. That whole Owens MNF thing was just blown way out of proportion. Just show some good teams playing. The 49ers SUCK (all caps).

But I do have some good news. The Cal Bears football team is awesome.

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