August 18, 2010

Cal's number one!

Especially sweet because the wife's school is number two.

We're a very competitive couple. When we play board games, we never let each other win. We try to beat each other by as much as possible. We apparently skipped the 'game etiquette' section of pre-marital counseling.

Yesterday, I won a game of Scrabble using the word 'refilmed' (with a 3x word score!) which I assumed to mean film again. has refilm listed under other forms of film. The official Scrabble dictionary does not recognize the word. It has words like 'qat' (which I also used in the game) and 'hoya' but not 'refilm'. Of course, since there was no challenge, I got the points and the win.


Dan said...

I like QI better than QAT.

Allison said...

I should have challenged "refilmed!"