January 7, 2010

I'm working on putting together a Career Day at my school. If you would be interested (or know someone who would be) in participating, please contact me!

Details: Wed 1/20/10 9-11am at Fernando Rivera Intermediate School located at 1255 Southgate Ave in Daly City.
Speakers will have about 15 minutes per class, and will see 4-6 classes. Talk about what you like about your job, what makes it fun, and what training/education it took to get there. You do not have to be a great public speaker. Liking your job or liking kids is enough to qualify.

I came across this list of the top 200 jobs for 2010 by Careercast.
I didn't see my job (educational advisor) there, but teacher is at 116. (Teacher's aide is at 81. Go figure that one out.) It's right above Sewage Plant Operator (117) and just a shade behind the Maytag repairman (114).

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