January 18, 2010

Finally got to see Avatar this weekend. It was pretty good in 3D in the XD theater.
Who knew the Smurfs would grow up to be such a violent group!

The story was kind of cool, but not great. My only complaint about the movie was the weapons they used. (I've complained about this in other movies too.) Why is it in every futuristic sci-fi movie except Star Trek and Star Wars that people still use machine guns? They have the technology to build spaceships and a freaking $20,000,000,000,000 avatar lab, but still use bullets and grenades that are minor upgrades from the WWI days. (I just watched 'The Andromeda Strain' and even they had lasers in their defense system. This was the 1971 version of the film.) More evidence that if we ever were attacked by space aliens, we don't have a chance.

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