November 11, 2009

More evidence watching tv can help enrich your life: I cooked brussel sprouts today.

Up until a month ago, I had eaten brussel sprouts only once in my life. I remember it tasting really bitter and gross. I think my brother and I expressed our displeasure so greatly that our mom never made it again.

But watching Food Network shows has opened my palate to trying new foods and new cooking techniques. I decided I wanted to give brussel sprouts a second chance, but I was deciding on the best way to cook them. (Lots of butter and bacon was my initial idea.) We went out to a restaurant about 2 weeks ago and ordered some roasted brussel sprouts that were pretty good and not at all like how they tasted 20+ years ago.
So today I roasted some of my own, and even without the bacon (just olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and butter), it turned out really well. (Even Allison said so. And she's been watching all these cooking shows and now critiques food like an expert.)

I believe our next Iron Chef competition is coming up next month. Since we won the last one, we can pick the secret ingredient. Just be ready for the possibility of brussel sprouts ice cream.


Bob said...

Brussel sprouts = awesome.

nicole said...

try alice waters brussel sprouts with bacon...tasty