July 22, 2009

"No quiro Taco Bell."

The Taco Bell chihuahua has died. If there is a limited edition Gidget Memorial Taco in the next few days, I'm sure you are wise enough to pass on it.

A few days ago, someone mentioned that I was probably going to die from eating so much Taco Bell. Using some high level math equations, I did some quick calculations and figured I'm on pace to consume almost 4600 volcano tacos or cheesy beef burritos in my lifetime. That's more than a million calories! And no, I do not order the diet soda to go along with my order.

Of course that's a rough estimate because the 'lifetime' part could be affected by the number of Taco Bell orders. But if the little dog made it to 15 years and each dog year is 7 human years, I should be able to make it to 105.

Taco Bell just replaced McDonald's as the NBA's offical fast food sponsor. The 100 point chalupas are coming back!

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