June 8, 2009

I went with the 8th grade students to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (or as I still call it, Marine World) today. For all the tough guy talk from the kids, lots of them were too chicken to ride Medusa, the only roller coaster worth waiting in line for.

We had some time to kill, so I went with the other teachers to watch the Shouka show, featuring Shouka the killer whale and a bunch of dolphins. I guess it is easy to be impressed by the dolphins and whale doing flips and splashing the crowd on cue, but I know they only do it because they get a fish (or in Shouka's case, a bucket of fish) after every single trick they do. Imagine getting a cookie every time you sent a work related email. The trainers were not pleased when I yelled 'Free Willy!' during the performance.

After the show, I was inspired again to train a goldfish to jump through a hoop of fire. A goldfish might not be 5000 pounds of muscle like Shouka, but it also doesn't have to jump as high either. If it fails, I guess I can always have fish for dinner. I hear goldfish tempura is quite tasty.

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