January 4, 2009

We had another Iron Chef challenge this past week. The secret ingredient, as selected by defending champions Norman and Elaine, was eggs.

Teams were supposed to make 2 appetizers and 1 dessert.

Peony and Shirley made a salmon egg thing and a spinach artichoke thing along with some flan.

Peony had to pick up a new partner after Garson got tired of losing and dropped her. Since Peony usually has problems cooking anything not pasta-related, I was really impressed with this team's food.

Allan and Selina made a parmesan flan with tomatoes and basil, arpege eggs, and a creme brulee.

This team got a lot of points in the artistic department. They also disproved my theory on cooking, which was 'if it looks good, it probably tastes good.' The arpege egg thing (some sort of soft boiled egg with whipped cream served in the shell) also unofficially won the 'scariest to eat' award.

Norman and Elaine made an egg salad, an egg custard croissant, and some sweet egg soup with quail eggs.

The defending champs provided some tasty offerings. Unfortunately, since they showed up over an hour late, they pretty much lost any chance of repeating as Iron Chefs.

Allison and I made a deviled egg dip with pita chips, ham and cheese sandwich on french toast, and a chinese egg tart.

The other teams weren't as impressed with our homemade daan tats as we were. We didn't get too fancy and decided to focus on making our stuff taste good.

In the end, the winners of Iron Chef Battle Eggsand holders of the Golden Whisks: Allison and Cal! This means we get to pick the secret ingredient for the next competition. I'm leaning toward chicken just so I can make chicken ice cream.

However, there is some bad news, as we had our first case of major sickness involving Iron Chef food. Perhaps we need to make iron stomachs a requirement for judges.


sctemplar3 said...

impressive--dan taat. was the crust flakey?

Allan said...

time to retire. find the next iron chef to replace me

Calvin said...

The crust was a bit thick and not so flaky, but I'm not going to complain about a homemade dan taat.