October 12, 2008

I've still got a few days in HK, but here's an update on the China list:

- See the Great Wall
It was one of the tour stops in Beijing. Due to the rain, I would say the wall was only above average at best.

- Punch a panda
Done. Couldn't find a real one, so the stuffed variety in the gift shops will have to do.

- Get married so I can obtain a green card
I asked a girl to marry me and she got me a glass of water. Either my non-existent Mandarin skills are worse than I thought or there was some local custom that I was unaware of and I may in fact be married right now.

- Find bootleg copies of BSG
Did not find any in China. Might have a chance here in HK.

- Protest something
I protested the way people on scooters in China think they can run over pedestrians in crosswalks and marketplaces. I refused to get out of the way for honking scooters and occasionally would speed up or slow down just to get in front of a scooter trying to cut through the crosswalk. One guy grazed my hand with the side of his cart.

- Run a lap at the Bird's Nest Stadium
I tried sneaking in to the stadium and got caught by the police. I did run the 400 meters back to our bus in a world record 42.87 seconds.

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