September 23, 2008

I met a student named Benjamin Franklin today. There is a Benjamin Franklin Intermediate School in our district. Too bad he doesn't go there. When you go to a school bearing your name, you get all kinds of privileges. At Cal, I was able to do things like skip lectures, eat in class, and demand that professors give me a C+ just because the university was named after me.

There are some times when I think parents could have chosen a different name for their kids. I can only imagine how much harassment this kid will get in 8th grade when they study our country's founding fathers.

If your last name is Jordan or Jackson, don't name your kid Michael. If your last name is Hugenkiss, don't name your daughter Amanda. And no matter what your last name is, never name your child after a fruit or tv channel.

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david said...

good thing our parents didn't name either of us "har"