July 23, 2008

Our office shredder has a bunch of those red circle strike through no-signs telling you how to safely use the shredder. (Sorry, no pic to help me out here.)

The first one is shows a hand reaching in between the shredding wheel. Okay, don't stick your hand in to pull paper out. (I actually did this today. I will also pitch left-handed from now on.)

The second one shows a woman getting her hair caught in the machine. I take this to mean get your haircut somewhere else.

The third one shows a guy getting his necktie caught in the machine. Not a problem because nobody in this office wears ties to work.

The fourth one tells you not to wear a necklace. I guess you are not allowed to dress up and shred paper. Maybe it's connected to the no necktie picture.

However, I can't quite figure out the last picture. It looks like an adult stick figure chasing a child stick figure. So kids running away from strangers should not hide in a shredder? Maybe it's just a sign stating adults going after kids in the office is not good? (Chris Hansen would be proud.) Maybe it means 'Not safe for Take Your Child to Work Day.'

I was trying to find a picture online to describe what I am talking about and came across something much greater. A Flickr group titled : Stick Figures in Peril.

I found this one really amusing.

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