March 11, 2008

Spring training is here and the Giants are already done. Even I can't see them doing much good this year. Anything better than last in the division would be great. The slogan they're trying to use this year is 'All out, all year,' implying that the team will be full of hustle and good character guys, which is fine for softball, but not for a major league baseball team. It could easily be changed to 'All outs, all year' or 'Already out (of the playoffs), this year.'

I've already retired from fantasy basketball, fantasy golf, fantasy NASCAR, and fantasy hockey. Just watching the sports and not having to follow every stat line makes it much more enjoyable. Football is the exception because there are so few games.

This may be the final year of fantasy baseball for me. For the past few years, I've usually had 3 teams to manage, one in a Yahoo public league, one in a Yahoo private league, and my favorite, one in an NL-only keeper league. The best part of any fantasy sport for me is draft day. I like the live drafts, where we actually get together in a room and make fun of each other's picks for 3 or 4 hours. I'll be down to 2 teams this season and our NL league has dropped from 11 or 12 teams down to single digit owners.

The funny thing is that many of the players in my NL-only league are now having more fun playing fake fantasy baseball. Yeah, as if fantasy baseball wasn't dorky enough, we pay $5 a month to play Baseball Mogul Online against each other. We argue over fictional players and computer simulations of baseball games. We even have drama from players trying to cheat in a fake baseball game. It's more fun because it plays much faster than a real season. With most fantasy leagues, by week 4 or 5, you know if you have a shot to win or if you're a bottom dweller. With our Baseball Mogul league, a new season starts every 4.5 days, so you can retool and make a run for the fake World Series every week. We all play NL teams to make it more competitive. Some GM's use the low-budget tactics, others go into massive debt to sign big time players. And we all spend many hours per week scouting fake 18-21 year old players. As ESPN's Sports Gal says, it's truly the League of Dorks.

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