March 18, 2008

The NCAA tournament is here and that means it is bracket time. There's always that joke about how some person that knows nothing about college basketball ends up with a better bracket than someone who spends 3 days analyzing free throw percentages and assist to turnover ratios for every team.

Well, this year, I am putting that theory to the test. I have not watched a single college basketball game this season. In fact, the only time I even peeked at any game was if I was changing channels and I found a 3 point game with less than one minute left in regulation. I estimate I have watched maybe 6 minutes of college hoops action. The only thing I know was that Cal got screwed in the UCLA game and North Carolina is supposed to be pretty good. I don't even know all the teams this year. Who the heck is Drake and how are they a 5 seed?

Loyal readers will recognize this from the Mad Cal archives:
Rule No. 1. Never pick a school with 'State' in its name when the school name is not a state.
Rule No. 2: Closely related to rule 1, do not pick any team that has a directional word before a state name when the directional word is not part of the actual state name.

This year, the only rule is there are no rules. I am picking a non-state State school (Kent State was the only realistic option). I am even picking 2 directional schools (Western Kentucky and Southern Alabama).

I am picking UCLA as the big winner for 3 reasons.
1. Pac 10 pride. (Note: Pac 10 pride does not cover Stanford.)
2. If you rearrange the letters, you can get U-CAL. And I am indeed Cal. So it's like cheering for myself.
3. The school has produced some super amazing girls.


runnerrunner said...

I love the Drake.

runnerrunner said...

I hate the Drake