December 30, 2007

We had our Christmas play at church today. Yes, 5 days after Christmas. The audience seemed to enjoy it. Lot of thanks to all the actors and crew who helped put it together. I really liked how everyone kind of chipped in ideas and did little things to make the whole production better.

We picked biblical names for parts in the play. One of our main characters was named Hannah. Someone thought it would be funny if we made her dad Joe Montana. So we did.

So to do some research for writing the play, I watched some episodes of Hannah Montana on tv. Maybe the writer's strike has lowered my expectations, but it's a pretty entertaining show. (Other sitcoms I never watched before but now think are funny when I watch them in syndication: Still Standing and The George Lopez Show.)

My only complaint is that all Miley does to transform to Hannah is change her hair color. And nobody but her closest friends ever suspects that she is living a double life as a super pop star. This is worse than the Clark Kent taking off his glasses disguise. Then again, kids are really dumb.

We also had Iron Chef Battle Mushroom today. Judging was harsh. Desserts were dangerous. But entertainment value was high. My unbiased report with pictures and commentary to follow shortly.

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runnerrunner said...

I enjoyed the Conan car homage. Very nicely done even though you couldn't get Danny Tartabull.