November 30, 2007

We've got almost a month to go, and I already got my first Christmas present. From the Superior Court of California in San Mateo County. It is definitely not the best gift ever.

Reporting time and date: 8:30am on Dec 26th.
Maybe the criminals will benefit from whatever leftover holiday spirit the jury may have. However, if I'm on the jury, I can tell you now that even a jaywalker will be serving 5 to 10 for messing up my winter vacation.

Our Christmas play currently titled The Best Gift Ever (scheduled to be presented on 12/30 at CBC, because the Sunday of 12/23 has me playing the part of Maestro) is going to feature 20 something year olds playing high school age characters. We might have to get Jason Priestly and Ian Ziering to do some cameos for us. I wouldn't mind writing in a part for Jennie Garth if she were interested in our play.

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