April 13, 2007

I rendered unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's. Actually, I told Caesar to render unto me the things I had previously rendered unto Caesar.

I'm not sure how I'm going to spend my bonus pocket change yet. But it might be for a good car wash.

Late last night, I was driving down the hill to the local Albertson's. Suddenly, I saw a skunk dash into the street from the right as I rounded a curve. I hit the brakes to slow down and made a mini-swerve to the left. (Note: this is a professional NASCAR move.) I hear a small thud and maybe even a little squish. Then a foul odor starts to creep into my car. I saw what happened to Jennifer Love Hewitt's pals in 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' so there is no way I'm stopping and getting out of my car here. I inspect my car at the Albertson's lot and see no blood nor guts, so I quickly do my shopping before they close at midnight.

On my way home back up the hill, I slow down, hoping to see the great carnage I had caused with my NASCAR skills. Except there was no dead animal in sight. I then check under my car to see if maybe I ran it over the little stinker with such force it got stuck to my car. Nothing. There was the smell of a skunk, and I am positive there was some impact with my vehicle, but no skunk.

Two theories:
1) I believe I slowed down enough so that the skunk ran into me. Probably bounced off the right side of my car, farted, then ran away.
2) It was a zombie skunk. Happy Friday the 13th.

Go watch the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie!!

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