March 8, 2007

Daylight Savings Time is coming this weekend. DST's purpose of it is to reduce energy consumption by making it so you don't need to turn on your lights until later or something like that.

However, I plan to expend more energy. I'm intending to bike to work twice a week once the clocks change. First step, get a bike. My only requirements for the bike was that it had to look cool and be relatively lightweight. I found someone at church with an bike available in my price range. Then I went out and bought a decent bike lock and then the cheapest helmet I could find. The bike lock protects my bike, so I'm willing to pay for it. The helmet doesn't protect anything of value. (Besides, I hate paying for things that I hope never to use, like anti-virus software or health insurance.)

This afternoon, I decided to take a test ride to see how long it would take to get to and from my school site (3.5 miles away). We live on top of the biggest freaking hill in Daly City. You would think this would make getting to work really easy, but the downhill speed is countered by my fear of asphalt in my mouth at 30 mph. I also discovered that it is impossible for me to bike back up the hilly streets to the condo. Impossible. (This was why my bike had to be lightweight, so I could carry the thing if needed.) To make things worse, I found out that after all the downhills, there is actually a long slow incline for the last half mile to the school. Never really noticed it while driving. So that means that I bike to work, I really have to go uphill both ways.

We'll see how long I can keep this up. The over/under line is 2.5 weeks.

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