February 6, 2007

I was back in a job searching mood this past week and had a few interviews. Based on information given about the groups interviewing me, try to guess how I did in each interview.

A) married Asian couple, both in their upper 50's

B) 50+ yr old male, 2 x 25+ yr old males, 25+ yr old female

C) 30+ yr old male, 25+ yr old cute female

If you said I did terrible in A, okay in B, and awesome in C, you'd be right. The potential to work with good looking people always inspires me more. (Although in this case, I'm actually taking her job.) The cuter the interviewer, the better my answers. I could probably solve some quantum physics problems in French if the right girl asked me the question.

I was pretty sure the job was mine after the first round, but they made me come back to answer more questions anyways. I'm going to be working for AACE Talent Search, which provides resources for students from low income families who have the potential to be the first in their family to attend college. (AACE is a program of JCYC and has their office in a JCCCNC building. I haven't figured out what all the acronyms stand for.) One cool thing is I get to work at a school site where I already know some of the staff and students.

I'll have to get used to working 5 days a week, as opposed to the 3 or 4 work days I've been pulling as sub. Of course, it'll also be nice to pull in a steadier paycheck than I have been too. Going back to the not-for-profit field means I still won't be able to retire until I'm 92, but I think I'll have fun. Besides, if you've ever played poker or gambled with me, you'll know my whole life is not-for-profit.

One of my other job options, instead of preparing kids to go to college, was to go to college myself and get a teaching credential (probably for science). Thankfully, this plan has been put on hold because it would have been difficult to study for and pass the CSET in one month. I guess there would have been a chance if the test was being administered by Jessica Simpson or Tricia Helfer (from Battlestar Galacta).

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