December 1, 2006

Many of us learned that we should love our neighbors. However, when your neighbor gets in other people's business, causes disruptions over harmless situations, and believe they run the place, a line has to be drawn.

I always thought of our next door neighbor as the woman who never leaves the complex. No matter what time I head out or come in, she would be around somewhere, either walking her dog or sweeping the floor. She never bothered me, and I never bothered her. She suddenly decided to take a shot and make some trouble for me (over a matter that does not cause any harm or foul to any of the other residents here).

After talking to a few other neighbors, I have discovered that this woman causes all kinds of trouble for other residents here. I decided that she and her lunatic fringe friends on the HOA board need to be taught a lesson or two. I can't disclose my plan of action, but vengeance will be mine. And if there's anything I learned from the Saw movies, suffering is best when it's dragged out and prolonged. (Don't worry, I'm not going to kill anyone.) However, I might have to scale some of my initial strategy down so I don't harm Dan and Ed's property value.

The Battle at Pointe Pacific has begun.

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