November 7, 2006

Mad Cal's Not So Secret Ballot

I voted for Arnold. This guy single-handedly saved us from the T-1000. That alone is more than anything his opponent could have done.

Lt. Governor
I think this is one of the most useless political position in the state. Yeah, this person is first in line to become the governor if something should happen, but nobody can take down Arnold. So I voted for Jim King (even though I'm not a supporter of the Amerinca Independent Party) because he has some crazy plan to have no state income tax in California.

Secretary of State
We get to elect the person who coordinates statewide elections. Once I got this job, I would rig the elections so I never lose again. I voted for the Green guy, Forrest Hill for 2 reasons: 1) No other candidate has the same name as a MUNI railway station and 2) his bio claims he was a marine biologist. That's awesome.

Bonus Green Party note: The Green Party is the political equivalent of Boise State to me. I like the blue turf and their style of play, but I can't see them in a BCS bowl when all they do is play teams like Idaho and Louisana Tech. (I'm pulling hard for San Jose State this week!) The Green Party needs to show me it can be a big time program with quality wins before I can fully support them.

Bonus Boise State note: I realize that Boise is not a state and on principle, I should dislike them, but I really like the blue turf, so BSU is okay by me. Even though they screwed me big time in the Hawaii game and I still don't want to see them in a BCS game.

I voted for the PS2. I still don't feel comfortable with the X-Box and never really liked any of Nintendo's controllers. The Wii might change that someday.

All the propositions involving Bonds
I think the Giants need to sign the guy for one more year. bat him leadoff so he can get his at-bats in faster. Let him sleep in the clubhouse on days he's not starting. We're pot-committed to the all time home run record.

Not much to say about the other propositions except the one about the cigarette tax (86): I don't smoke, so this tax would not affect me. Still I feel it's a bit unfair for me to vote in favor of this proposition. Until I read what the election pamphlet had under the 'people agasint 86 say' section: This 300% tax increase in unfair to smokers and will create new crime by making a truckload of stolen cigarettes worth millions of dollars. I laughed so hard at the last part that I had to vote for it.

By the way, if anyone out there has some major bank and wants to support the Mad and Messy Party, let one of us know. I think we're going to start by running for school board or city council somewhere.

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