November 12, 2006

Blame me.

You can fault Hawkins for his stupid penalty that took a Marshawn Lynch TD off the board and also for stumbling at the one yard line. I really want to blame the official who called a pass interference penalty on the play where Hughes' made a spectular Madden-level interception in the end zone. But it's on me.

After the Cal game on Saturday, I realized I was wearing a 49ers sweatshirt instead of my usual Cal football gear on a gameday. This somehow reversed the polarities of the all the local football teams, causing Cal to play horribily and the 49ers to play just good enough. Even the little Div II school in Palo Alto managed to get a win this week and the Raiders managed to cover the spread.

This sucks more because the plan for Cal to get into the national championship game was all falling into place this week too. I will not make this mistake again this weekend as Cal is playing USC for the conference title and the rights to the Rose Bowl. Gotta stick it to the Trojan fans at Knuckles. Can't believe making the Rose Bowl will actually feel like a let down. Amazing how Tedford has taken the program from it's 1-10 days.

The professionals aren't making my weekend any better. I left 5 TD's on the bench in one of my points fantasy leagues. Dave Del Grande is on the blacklist.

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