September 10, 2006

Most mornings, my alarm disturbs my sleep with an obnoxious buzzer. But not this morning. What was wrong? It wasn't because I hit the snooze button and turned the alarm off as I often do. It wasn't the AM/PM. In true Seinfeld fashion, it was the volume. Somehow, the volume got turned all the way down and the normally obnoxious buzzer was reduced to no more than a silent whisper. It's strange because the volume knob is on the side of the alarm clock where I never adjust any buttons or anything. To prevent this from happening again, I have taped the volume knob in place.

Another weekend, another weekend screwed by Boston College. I was wishing the hate on BC and took Clemson -3.5, only to get my 3 teamer's chances killed in OT by a blocked PAT. As a result, Clemson has made it on the Blacklist. Luckily, I broke even this weekend because there are plenty of inept teams at the pro level. (Especially GB and HOU. I'll give them up to 10 points every week.) Although my nemesis gambling team from last year, the Carolina Panthers, has been put on notice and one more slip will get them blacklisted.

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