September 3, 2006

Just because the Cal football team had an off week, doesn't mean the Mad Cal team will take a week off. In fact, the dedicated staff will be working straight through Labor Day.

3 reasons for the sorry showing in Tennessee:

1. The Corse Curse. Lee Corso is the crazy old man on ESPN's College Gameday crew and he picked Cal to be national champions this season.

2. Losing Tim Mixon hurt a lot, as evidenced by the poor sap they put in there to start at corner who couldn't tackle a fat man in a phone booth. It might be better for Mixon to play with his one good ACL. (Okay, I guess it might be difficult to tackle a fat man in the case of Jerome Bettis, but the secondary's performance was still pathetic.)

3. Tennessee's cheerleaders are just better looking. That's talent that just can't be coached.

Truly not a good start for my college season. Luckily, the NFL games start next week, so I can double my losings per weekend.

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