August 10, 2006

I'm adding Will Ferrell to the Mad Cal List of SNL Cast Members Who Make Movies Which I Actually Like.

If Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights) were a real driver, I might have to root for him instead of Jeff Gordon. And Ron Burgandy, (his character from Anchorman) was involved in my favorite movie fight scene ever. Of course, Will gets bonus points because he was only the one playing the cowbell in the famous More Cowbell sketch with Christopher Walken.

The only other former SNL cast members on this short list:

Mike Myers: Wayne's World is probably the only SNL skit-to-movie success. It was so good, they made 2 of them. Even better was Austin Powers, where they made 3.

Adam Sandler: His movie career started off great, with stuff like Waterboy, Happy Gilmore, Wedding Singer, and one of my all-time favorite comedies, Airheads. Then Big Daddy came along it pretty much becomes a trail of crap from there on. If he keeps it up, I might have to boot him from the list out of protest.

Eddie Murphy: I never really saw Eddie on SNL. I just really liked him in Beverly Hills Cop. And pretty much nothing since then. Axel Foley had a cool name and cool theme music. Dr. Doolittle, Pluto Nash, Nutty Professor? I have not seen any of his crap lately. The only decent thing he has done that I am aware of was being the voice of the donkey in Shrek (another Mike Myers gem). Currently, I think his brother Charlie Murphy of Chappelle Show fame is more entertaining than him.

In the 'other receiving votes' group:

Tina Fey: Gets points for her writing/acting in Mean Girls, but I can't vote her in based on one film.

David Spade: I don't like any of his movies. In fact, his movies have all been horrible and whatever show he was hosting on E! sucks as well. But I liked him in Just Shoot Me. The best episode ever was when Spade was running all these crazy errands for a hot female supermodel because there was a chance she would hook up with one of the girls in the office.

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