July 2, 2006

I have racked up enough player points at Poker Bastard's Pointe Pacific Poker Palace Casino to be comped a room*. Moving out of the east bay means I need to make some adjustments. Such as adjusting from 3+ tv screens to one big HDTV screen. I'm going to miss my 7 minute commute to work.

*The 'room' is about 1 foot shorter than my current room and has 3 less doors and 1.2 less walls. Every time I move, my room gets a bit smaller. I don't really care, as long as all my stuff fits. But the 42" widescreen should make up for it. Besides, the rats are taking over the El Cerrito house.

It should be fun living with Dan again. I would not have graduated from Berkeley without our patented Baseball Marathon Study Sessions. Although Dan did tell me we will not be playing the How Many Dishes Can We Stack in the Sink Before Someone Gives in and Washes Them Game anymore. I used to win all the time. I guess we'll stick to playing poker and mahjong.

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