June 5, 2006

Former NFL running back Craig 'Ironhead' Heyward passed away about a week ago. He was a real bulldozer of a back. Heyward also made a soap commercial where despite his tough guy attitude, he liked how this soap made him all nice and pretty or something. All I know was there was some line where another player says 'Hey Ironhead' in a relly girly voice to mock him.

The first football game my brother and I got for our Playstation was GameDay 98, which had Heyward on one of the team (the Rams back then, I think). Anyways, my brother and I were pretty good at the game, and we occasionally played on the same team so we could anniliate the computer opponent. On one such game against Heyward, one of us busted out the 'Hey Ironhead' taunt that they used in the soap commercial. Why do we taunt the video game artificial intelligence? Don't know. But it got the game mad, as Ironhead proceeded to bust a 98 yard touchdown run where he broke 4 or 5 tackles on the very next play. We never messed with Ironhead again.

A friend of mine who actually played college ball at Pitt with Ironhead recently got the head coaching job at a local high school. (He told me Ironhead could drink more beers than anyone he ever knew. He hasn't met Ted yet.) It's his first coaching job at any level and he's taking over a pretty sorry team. I might have the chance to work with him next season, doing some film work or scouting, if I'm still working in the area. All those hours watching Jaws and Hoge on NFL Matchup might become useful. But the main thing I want is to convince him to use the Madden playbook to call plays. I am convinced that high school kids study that game more than they study in school.

Shaun Alexander is the cover boy for Madden 2007. So for all you already prepping for your fantasy football draft, don't waste a first round pick on him. The 27 TD's and 1800 or so yards from last year may look great, but do not mess with the Madden Curse.

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