October 30, 2005

Odds that I have a gambling problem are now at 4/9.

It was a terrible day for my football picks. That's the last time I listen to Ted's (aka 'Mr. 9-beers-in-one-hour') guaranteed pick (Eagles +3.5). Even my bet against the 49ers strategy didn't work today.

At least I made up my losses when I picked Carl Edwards to win the NASCAR race today at 10-1. (I did not bet on Jeff Gordon, even though the 24 car did finish second today.) For the record, I rarely bet on NASCAR because it's way too unpredictable. Hockey is also crazy, but it provides good action. I just parlay underdogs at home and against teams playing the second game of back to backs. And don't bet against the Red Wings or Sharks.

Because poker is on tv so often at our house, I see the commercial with the guy from Harrahs talking about the dangers of compulsive gambling a lot. The guy says something like: 'There are some times when you should not be gambling. Like if you are under 21 or have had too much to drink. Or if you are depressed or don't know when to stop, and so on.' Every time this spot plays, I feel the guy is talking directly to me. (I did finish reading Pete Rose's book. It made me want to learn about horse betting.)

5 days until Vegas. One last weekend trip before I start working. However, if I get a little bit of luck, I may not need to work ever again upon my return.

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