October 16, 2005

The Cal game this weekend was one of the least enjoyable sporting events I have attended in the past few years. The whole stadium, home team included, seemed to not want to be there. The student section wasn't even full enough to pull off the stupid halftime card stunts. I guess a buch of them fell off the bandwagon on teh trip back from Los Angeles. They did the 'Hey Alumni Go!' cheer way too many times, at least 6 by my count, to the point that the alumni (or at least me) didn't even feel like responding. Somehow, we manage to hang on to a Top 25 (#25) in the AP polls despite getting our butts kicked in our own domicile. Can't wait for that San Francisco Emerald Bowl bid.

Three things the Cal football team needs:

1. A QB who can make NCAA Div I-A level throws.
Joe Ayoob came in with a lot of hype and the 'White Michael Vick' nickname, but he can't read defenses and cannot make the basic throws required in Tedford's offense. I guess we were lucky to have Aaron Rodgers and Kyle Boller for the past few years. It might take Ayoob some time to learn how to dissect Pac-10 defensive schemes (I don't think we're at CCSF anymore, Toto), but even when receivers are open, there are some basic passes that Ayoob cannot seem to make. Like a 10 yard out pattern. The guys on the sideines caught more balls than the Cal wideouts on Saturday.

2. Better players/coaches on special teams.
Special teams straight up lost the USC game last year and the UCLA game last week. Either fire the special teams coach, or play a few more starters on those downs. Our punter is making way too many tackles. It's at the point where I think we might be better off just going for it on 4th downs rather than punting and risking a TD return. But then that means Ayoob has to make a play. My solution: On all 4th and 3-or-less, HB offtackle. On 4th and 4-or-more, teach Lonie to kick the ball out of bounds or get better at drawing roughing the kicker calls.

3. Hotter cheerleaders.
It is a proven fact that all top-level footall teams (college and pro) must have high quality cheerleaders. All the top ranked teams have hot cheerleaders because they play on national tv a lot and they have to look good representing their school/team. The Cal cheerleaders' BCS ranking probably falls in the mid 70's out of the 116 Div I-A schools. That might have been fine during the Holmoe era, but if we are to be a top ranked school and national champion contender, Cal needs to improve in the hot cheerleader department. This sounds mean, but check out other squads on tv and you will agree with me. The Oregon State dance team occupied much more of my time than the Cal squad did.
(Mad Cal does not support male cheerleaders, but if they are needed to toss the female cheerleaders higher in the air to improve their visibility, then so be it. However, I hope Cal reamins a female only cheerleading team.)

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