February 16, 2005

Online rantings....

When using Internet Explorer, I used to type in cnn.com, or amazon.com, or manhands-date.com and it would take me to the site. But something happened to my computer this week that forces me to now type in the www. part of the of address. I did not change any settings and no viruses or spyware come up in my system scans. Anyone know how to fix this?

SI.com and ESPN.com are forcing me to click my mouse more. There are several writers who have weekly columns which I read. But both these sport sites now break their column into several pages (as many as 5!), forcing me to click the next page links instead of just scrolling down the page. I hate it. I believe it is just to increase the amount they charge advertisers and their sponsored links.

Is there any way I can stop a song from loading while I read someone's Xanga page? I usually don't mind, but there are times when I am already listening to another song, or watching a Seinfeld (or hardcore wrestling) dvd in the corner of my screen, and this other music jumps in and confuses my media intake.

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