February 22, 2005

I watched the end of The Natural tonight. The movie has one of the most dramatic endings of any movie ever made. I wonder if I would have liked The Natural as much as I do if the movie ending matched the book ending, where Roy Hobbs strikes out instead of hitting the ball into the stadium lights. I guess it doesn't matter since I don't plan to ever read the book. Same thing applies to the Lord of the Rings movies.

Speaking of old aging sluggers, Barry Bonds will once again lead my fantasy team in its quest to capture a fantasy title. Well, Barry Bonds and first $100 fantasy auction player, Tim Hudson.

In football news, the Patiots franchised their kicker, Adam Vinatieri. He is just the clutchest kicker in the NFL today and has only won 3 Super Bowls for them. It's another smart move by the Patriots, as it will probably save them money, since they only have to offer him the average of the five highest paid kickers in the league, which is probably about $45. (A top 5 RB makes about $6 million, and a top 5 corner back makes about $10 million.)

And even though Drew Bledsoe got cut by the Bills, he is guaranteed to have an awesome year next season playing in Dallas. I'm marking him down in my fantasy football magazine as a must-get player now.

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