January 4, 2005

Mad Cal's Bold Predictions for 2005

- FOX will debut its most extreme reality show yet, titled 'Who Wants to Eat This Elephant's Poop so Your Spouse Won't Get Fired?'

- The Giants will win the 2005 World Series. Barry Bonds will hit 104 HR's during the season while using a newly developed 'clear-cream' made from flaxseed oil.

- Britney Spears will pose for Playboy.

- Donald Trump will fire somebody. Possibily on FOX's new show if NBC doesn't renew his show.

- There will be a bacon shortage in Richmond as someone will attempt to cook bacon wrapped bacon stuffed with bacon with bacon sauce.

- Britney Spears will get pregnant.

- A block of cheddar will score 1600 on the SAT. It will be a real cheeze whiz. (Cheese jokes never get old. They just get moldy.)

- Britney will pose for Playboy again while pregnant.

- 5824 will upgrade to 7 tv's.

- Ben Affleck will be in a movie that I have no desire to see.

All these predictions come with a money-back guarantee.

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