January 11, 2005

Here's what I did today (up until about 10:50pm):

12:00am - 11:00am: Sleep

11:00am: Woke up suffering from flu-like symptoms, took some medicine.

11:30am: Cold medicine not helping, so I call in sick to work. Made pork and leek dumplings for lunch.

11:45am - 4:00pm: Sleep

4:00pm - 6:00pm: Watched The Italian Job. I like Mark Wahlberg movies. Actually I just like The Big Hit and the Trace-Buster-Buster-Buster.

6:00 - 9:15pm: Sleep

9:15pm: Made leek and pork dumplings for dinner. Took more medicine.

9:30: Watched Committed on NBC. Based on the commercials leading up to the pilot, I thought this show would be funny. But after 2 episodes, I have decided not to watch this show again. I would rather have watched 2 reruns of Scrubs. (I also decided not to watch this season of 24. I saw parts of the first 2 hours and the pretzel twisting plot possibilities are going to be ridiculous this year.)

10:00pm: Watched SportsCenter. This was funnier than Committed.

I used to never get sick. I don't think I was ever sick enough to stay home during high school. I got sick only once in college. But I seem to be catching more colds and flus lately. I think it's because I'm drinking less soda now. My immune system is low on caffeine. Need soda now.

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