December 23, 2004

No time to blog. In marathon training. LOTR marathon. (tenetively scheduled for 12/26 or 12/27)

Like I would even think about trying to run 26.2 miles. I thought about running a half-marathon while I was still back in Berkeley, but that was only about a year or two removed from running cross country. I don't think I miss the actual running as much as I miss the competition. Running for exercise is hard for me. It's boring and tiring. I'd rather get fat and out of shape while watching dvds.

What I have learned from tv training this week:

Las Vegas is a pretty cool show. Lots of pretty girls, including the girl from my favorite Martin Lawerence movie, Black Knight. And the show is in Vegas. I like Vegas.

I was flipping through channels and found that Beavis and Butthead comes on MTV2 at midnight and 12:30am. However, Aqua Teen Hunger Force also airs from midnight to 12:15am on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Thankfully, watching multiple programs at the same time is not a problem at 5824.

Arrested Development may soon rival Scrubs as the best written comedy on tv.

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