December 28, 2004

32 points.

That's how many fantasy points I needed Rams wide receiver Issac Bruce to score on Monday night for the West Coast Offense to be the league champion in one of my fantasy football leagues. You get 6 points for every TD, 1 point for every 20 receiveing yards, and -2 points for every fumble. So all Bruce had to do was rack up 660 yards worth of catches or score 5 times and register 40 yards. The NFL single game record is 336 receiving yards. And nobody in history has caught more than 5 TD's in one game. But I figured Bruce had a very slim chance at reaching 4 TD's and 160 yards (which would equal 32 points exactly) against a Philly team that was tanking the game anyways.

He ended up scoring 10 points (98 yards and a score) which is pretty good on most weeks for a WR, but not enough to win the league title. Congratulations to Pete's Pirates for winning Yahoo Football league 585576. (I hate Jason Elam and Kevin Jones. They are now banned from ever appearing on one of my fantasy football rosters.)

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